Future-Proof DEF Dispensing Platform, eliminate plastic jug waste while maximizing profits.




Fastest Transaction Time
DEF-1's patented payment technology enables fueling customers to pay and begin fueling in less than three (3) seconds.
22” Touchscreen Interface
Easy to use touchscreen interface for frictionless transaction flows, enhanced user experience, product/service ordering, and customization.
User Personalization
DEF-1 uses artificial intelligence (AI) and customer selection to automatically tailor fueling experience to customer liking and profit maximization.
Language Prefrence
DEF-1 speaks over 15 world languages including: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, and Spanish.
High-Bright Display
1,500 nits high-bright display ensures maximum daylight readability in direct sunlight, automatically adjusts by time of day and ambient condition.
Space Grade Steel
Built from space grade steel alloy, DEF-1 is engineered to defeat direct impacts, errant fluids, and the most extreme environmental conditions.
High-Speed Communication
Achieve the industry's highest speed forecourt communication. Safe and secure with advanced 256-bit encryption and cryptography protection.
24-7 Remote Services
Around the clock preventive maintenance, remote support, retailer reporting and management capabilities. Remote accessibility from anywhere in the world 24-7.
EMV Secure Payment
PCI-Compliant / EMV-ready payment option includes a hybrid chip card reader and EPP with EMV certification and PCI compliance.
Forecourt Ordering
Products and services ordered during fueling are fully customizable, DEF-1 AI automatically adapts order options for known customers.
Forecourt Security
DEF-1's vision system adds two (2) high-resolution viewing angles each DEF-1 placement with recorded transaction security, fraud prevention, and vandal detection AI.
Customer Rewards
Incentivize repeat visits, basket of goods increases, service subscriptions, and customer loyalty through with personalized promotions and fuel cash.
Light/Dark Mode
Automatic switching between light and dark mode by time of day and weather condition, mode fully customizable by customer preference.
Ballistic Glass
Proprietary glass engineered for all touch, instrumentation, and security spaces to withstand abusive impacts, and up to 1,000 pounds of direct force.
2-Year Limited Warranty
Most critical components are covered under a full 2-years. Some of these critical components include Nozzle Boots, Meters and Manifold castings.
Open API Architecture
DEF-1 is a user experience and frictionless commerce platform, with fully open API architecture, for experience, brand, enterprise, and other customizations.
  • CUSTOMER INTERFACE: 22” Touchscreen High-Bright 1,500 nit display, automatically adjusts day and night time mode by time of day and brightness by ambient light condition.
  • 360 TECHNOLOGY: Patented frictionless commerce system enabling customers to automaticaly select fuel grade, pay, and begin fueling in less than 3 seconds.
  • REMOTE SERVICES: Proprietary supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for remote diagnostics, preventive maintenance, and real-time response capabilities.
  • FORECOURT SECURITY: Vision™ system with two (2) high resolution viewing angles per island placement. Recorded transaction security, fraud prevention, and vandal detection AI.
  • DISPENSER SECURITY: Electronic remote locking capabilities. Dual locking system with unique keys. No pulse, no flow technology. Programmable timeout feature.
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Embedded Linux operating system with open architecture capabilities. API interface for agile system integrations and enterprise accessibility.
  • PAYMENT SYSTEM: SS-EMV includes EMV/PCI Compliant EPP, Hybrid Chip Card Reader, NFC Contactless Payment, and 360 payment sensors and cloud connection.
  • BALLISTIC GLASS: Proprietary glass engineered for all touch, instrumentation, and security spaces to withstand abusive impacts, and up to 1,000 pounds of direct force.
  • SPACE GRADE STEEL: Proprietary steel alloy engineered for space atmospheric penetration and environmentals, contains high content of chromium, nickel, and steel.
  • POWER USAGE: Less than 3 Amps. Operates at 100Mhz and delivers 158 million instructions per second.
  • SITE COMMUNICATION: High-speed, long-range wireless ethernet communication. Proprietary cryptography with SHA-256 encryption and VLAN segmentation.
  • TRON WARRANTY: Industry leading 2 Year Warranty on Critical Components, 1 Year Warranty on payment components, and Lifetime warranty on wireless ethernet and site control devices.