360Fuel’s platform automates key fueling site and retail center operations, increasing revenue while saving tens of thousands of dollars annually. Key automations include:

Site Infrastructure
360Fuel’s platform replaces all these legacy systems required to operate a retail and fueling site with unified hardware and software platform:
  • Point of Sale
  • Payment Terminals
  • Payment Controller
  • Pump Controller
  • Firewall
  • Forecourt Communication Module of Wireless
  • Fuel Dispensers
  • Tank Monitoring System
  • Remote Fuel Monitor
  • Price Sign Controller
  • Media Controller
  • Inventory System
  • Back Office

360Fuel’s platform enables remote capabilities to all these sub-systems. This means that your site can fully be monitored, preventative maintenance can be performed, supported remotely, and automatically updated routinely across all systems. Physical support is automated through remote troubleshooting and maintenance, technicians arrive on location to perform a specific part change.

Customer Experience
360Fuel’s platform automates customer experience connecting each part of the customer journey: transportation, fueling, and retail purchase into one seamless experience. In each step of the customer journey, 360Fuel’s platform incorporates a digital store with the ability to shop and purchase alongside personalization and targeted promotion. Each customer customers receive rewards for every purchase and for taking specific action. Product delivery speed is increased while expanding pick-up and delivery capabilities from retail locations.

360Fuel’s patented payment technology automates payment at each point of purchase. Fueling customers are able to autonomously pay and begin fueling in less than 3 seconds simply by grabbing the pump handle and beginning fueling. Retail customers are able to one-click pay without the use of a physical card or tap, while more traditional NFC and QR payments are also made available.

Supply Chain
360Fuel’s platform enables supply chain automation through unique supplier connections to each fueling site and retail store. Supply chain participants including jobbers, distributors, manufacturers, and service provides, are enabled with unique access to drive supply chain automation to fueling site and retail customers. All participants, fueling and retail site owners and supply chain participants benefit from enhanced interoperability and supply chain automation.