Retail customer facing payment terminal including NFC, IR, EMV, magstripe, and pin debit.




IR Scanner
Infrared sensor enables integrated QR and barcode scanning for promotion, product SKU's, and member ID's.
Touch Keypad
Seamless transaction flow for pin, phone number, and numeric entry, all with triple DES encryption.
Language Preference
TRANSACTOR supports 15+ world languages including: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, and Spanish.
24-7 Remote Services
Around the clock preventive maintenance, remote site support, and retailer payment device support 24-7.
NFC Sensor
Near field communication sensor enables mobile wallets like Apple and Google pay and other NFC enabled devices.
EMV Secure Payment
EMV and PCI certified payment device, securely enabling chip card acceptance with the utmost security.
Customer Rewards
Incentivize repeat visits, basket of goods increases, service subscriptions, and customer loyalty through with personalized promotions and fuel cash.
Open API Architecture
Open API architecture, for experience, brand, enterprise, and other targeted customizations.
  • CUSTOMER INTERFACE: Intuitive touchscreen interface for customer button selection, phone number entry, and other customizable alpha-numeric input.
  • FRICTIONLESS TECHNOLOGY: Technology enabled payment device for customer identification and unique contactless input, including infrared scan and near field communication.
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Embedded Linux operating system with open architecture capabilities. API interface for agile system integrations and enterprise accessibility.
  • REMOTE SERVICES: Proprietary supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for remote diagnostics, preventive maintenance, and real-time response capabilities.
  • PAYMENT SYSTEM: EMV and PCI compliant payment device enabling EMV card dip, magstripe reading, infrared scanning, NFC communication, and touchscreen input.
  • PAYMENT COMMUNICATION: Securely encrypted data communication between all data input, over the LAN, and to all cloud systems.
  • POWER USAGE: TRANSACTOR operates through power over USB, utilizing only 5 volts direct current (5VDC), while reducing wired connections and overall consumption.
  • TRANSACTOR WARRANTY: One (1) year standard warranty for all working function and power supply, enhanced warranty available for additional purchase.