Wireless Ethernet AP (Access Point)



The 360Fuel Secure Wireless Ethernet Access Point 360FwAP offers secure and reliable wireless connection to point-of-sale systems, fuel dispensers, merchant service gateways, forecourt controllers, loyalty and merchandising systems, and other LAN based systems in conjunction with per device Subsciber Units. Complies with UL 1238 and CSA C22.2 No.22 for application in hazardous locations.

High-Speed Communication
Secure Gigabit connection to the forecourt, 3x's faster than our closest competitor. Easily handling pumping, payment, media, and diagnostic communications.
Enhanced Data Security
Safe and secure with proprietary cryptography and advanced 256-bit encryption. Ensure optimal protection for PCI and EMV communication with VLAN segmentation.
No-Hassle Installation
Install a local gigabit network in a matter of minutes - less than 3 minutes per device. Receive all devices pre-configured for your fueling site.
EMV Compliant
VLAN segmentation ensures safe and secure EMV communication, segmenting payment from pumping, media, and diagnostic communication.
Greatest Value
Save tens of thousands of dollars not cutting concrete or from the cost of having your site down. Highest quality solution, NEMA protected, moisture resistent, and tamper proof.
Lifetime Warranty
360Fuel provides the industry's best warranty -> lifetime free replacement. Upon any warranty failure, a new device within 24-hours.
  • INDUSTRIALLY RATED: Rated for use in the most extreme conditions -40°C to +70°C.
  • POWER REQUIREMENT: 12-24v required to power both access points and subscriber units.
  • UL CERTIFIED: Complies with UL 1238 and CSA C22.2 No.22 for application in hazardous locations.
  • ENCRYPTION: Proprietary cryptography with SHA-256 encryption.
  • RANGE: Long-range wireless transmission through concrete, steel, large trucks, and other obstructions.
  • NETWORK: MultiLAN network isolation protecting all broadcast domains.